• Fall 2017 Color Trends

    This year’s palette leans more towards warmth with colors like Grenadine red and Autumn Maple.  While these classic shades are crucial to the fall palette, there are also a few standout shades including the pale pink Ballet Slipper, refreshing Golden Lime and Marina blue. These colors add a striking touch when paired with the classic shades of Autumn.

    What can you expect to see at Terese Zache Boutique this fall? We will, as always, have lots of blues to choose from. Navy is one of the biggest trending colors for fall, so be prepared to see lots of that! You will also see a lot more red in the store than in past years. From the bright Grenadine red (go badgers!) to rich burgundy reds like Tawny Port, you will have a variety to choose from. On the other hand, don’t expect to see too much pale pink or golden lime as these colors are a bit harder to wear.